NICET Level II Basics

Welcome to the NICET Level II basics! By now, you should have already completed your NICET I exam and passed with flying colors!

If you haven’t completed your NICET I exam or set up a NICET account yet, you will want to visit this page for more details.

You should already be familiar with how to schedule your exams and you should already have completed a Certification Application Package. So we are going to skip all of that and simply talk about the content of the exam and what’s different between NICET I and NICET II.

You will find the content overview for NICET II here. The first thing you will notice is there is a LOT more sub-points than there was on the NICET I exam. Installation Tasks is still the biggest percentage of the exam totaling 44-49{510ff2405a031d781432bcf6326caf6a5a0b32d02291dbbd46f95f171caaa56b} of the total exam. Maintenance Tasks constitutes about 21-26{510ff2405a031d781432bcf6326caf6a5a0b32d02291dbbd46f95f171caaa56b} of the exam. Submittal Preparation and Layout Tasks makes up about 15-20{510ff2405a031d781432bcf6326caf6a5a0b32d02291dbbd46f95f171caaa56b} of the exam. And lastly, Management and Supervision Tasks 15-20{510ff2405a031d781432bcf6326caf6a5a0b32d02291dbbd46f95f171caaa56b}. Although you can read through this and get an idea of what to study for, it still doesn’t give you much insight into what to study.

The truth is, you need to know your way around the code book very well. If you haven’t already subscribed to my website, I recommend doing so because you will be sent a free cheat sheet showing you the major articles of the NFPA 70 that will be on your test. This will help you get an idea of where you need to start focusing attention and narrow down your studying. Beyond that, you’ll want to spend some time on practice questions and practice tests that will start getting you familiar with finding items in your code books.

For instance, you could use the following question to start learning how to find answers in the code books quickly using the indexes.

“Fire alarm cable must be protected by metal raceway or rigid nonmetallic conduit up to what height from the floor?”

a) 5 feet

b) 6 feet

c) 7 feet

d) 8 feet

As we analyze this question, the first thing we should attempt to figure out is: which code book will I find the answer in? Unfortunately, the NICET exams allow you to have an NFPA 70 AND an NFPA 72 code book. So in this question, we can see that the question talks about conduit which is almost exclusively talked about in the NFPA 70 codebook. So we open our NFPA 70 codebook and think what article would be the most related to the question. We see that the question asks about “fire alarm cable” so it is safe to assume that article 760 “Fire Alarm Systems” is a good place to start. Second, we know that fire alarm cables are power limited so we should find the PLFA (pg. 70-655) section. This is located under 760.130 (B). Now, we scan down to find (2) “Passing Through a Floor or Wall”. Here we find the answer is 7′.

We can see here that it is important to be familiar with the articles in your NEC (NFPA 70) codebook. This saves you an extra step looking at the glossary to see where a certain article is. I cannot stress enough how useful the NFPA 70 cheat sheet is that we offer to you free of charge. If you haven’t already, subscribe to our email list and you will receive a copy of this document. It shows you which articles of the NEC will be the most important on your NICET exams.

The best way to become familiar with your codebooks is to take practice questions which will force you to start using your glossary and indexes. We have hundreds of practice questions for both codebooks that you can receive access to by subscribing to our paid membership access. Not only will you be prepared for your exams, you will have code knowledge that will stick with you throughout your career!

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