Is NICET Worth It?

Is NICET worth it? This is the question I have gotten from some fire life safety professionals in recent months. I mean, if I am going to spend upwards of $250 per examination per NICET level AND have to pay to keep my certification active, this is a fair question. After advancing in the fire life safety industry with big name companies like Siemens and SimplexGrinnell/Johnson Controls for over a decade, here are some compelling reasons why I believe the answer to that question is a wholehearted and resounding YES!

1) Professional Competency & Career Advancement Opportunities

Advancing your career
Advancing your career

Not only will studying for, and taking one or more levels of NICET increase your level of knowledge in your field, it will set you apart from others in your industry and counterparts who have not achieved the certification. I remember when I was a technician working in the field and there was a high profile customer that required all technicians that worked on their site to be NICET level II certified or higher. At the time, I was the only technician who had achieved that level at that point so not only did I become the lead on that project, I also ended up receiving a substantial raise and a future promotion due to this customer’s satisfaction with the service performed.

In addition, having NICET certifications under your belt will also go a long way toward helping you to achieve a higher pay salary when starting in a new position at a different company. Having the two and three letter designations from NICET (e.g. CET, ET, SET etc.) in your email signature line, resume’s and other documentation are also a great tool to show your competency, knowledge and professionalism in the fire life safety industry.

2) Knowledge of Code

Advancing in knowledge
Advancing in knowledge

As you advance in your career, it will be important for your knowledge of fire code to increase alongside you. Studying for NICET is a great way to practice using your codebook to find answers to various questions. Rest assured, you will gain incredible exposure to looking up answers to questions in your codebooks from taking the exams.

As I was studying for my NICET exams, I found that there was a blatant lack of practice tests and study materials available online. I needed something that would provide sample questions that would ultimately help me practice looking up the answers in my codebooks’ indexes. That’s where the inspiration for Fire Cert Academy came from. We provide hundreds of NICET practice questions all randomized from a pool for each individual level and discipline. Not only will this help you get experience looking up answers in your codebook, you’ll gain more knowledge of code as you do them! Try a sample test here!

3) NICET is Gaining Recognition Nationally

Nationally recognized
Nationally recognized

Each day, more and more fire life safety companies are requiring their personnel to get NICET certified. This is due to the rising number of facilities and customers requiring that technicians and other staff be certified. Some of the facilities and sites that are starting to require NICET certification are: healthcare facilities in certain states, state and government sites, pharmaceutical companies and many big technology facilities to name a few.

In fact, NICET is often times more desirable to these facilities than individual state certifications for fire life safety! I cannot emphasize how much getting my NICET certifications helped me in my fire life safety career. I highly recommend that employers, managers, sales, technicians and support personnel ALL get certified as it is definitely worth your time and money.


Studying for exam
Studying for exam

Hopefully these points have helped you to see the importance and necessity of studying for your NICET exams. As you begin to prepare for your next exam, here are a couple final words of advice and encouragement.

1) Don’t go to your exam ill-prepared. This probably goes without saying, but honestly the fail rate is still high on the NICET exams. Do your due diligence and take lots of practice tests until you are consistently passing above 80{510ff2405a031d781432bcf6326caf6a5a0b32d02291dbbd46f95f171caaa56b} if possible. Not only will you go into your exam with more peace of mind, you’ll have a high level of competency with your codebooks.

2) Check with your employer or manager to see if they will allow you to expense your exam. Many times, this is a yes as your employer should want to see your knowledge and competency advance too! However, even if they front the bill, be sure to go into your exam prepared as they may not cover the second go around!

3) Tell your manager and counterparts about Fire Cert Academy! Not only do we thrive off of word-of-mouth referrals primarily, there’s a chance you can expense your use Fire Cert Academy as well!

Now that we have seen that NICET is worth it, what are you waiting for? Take a sample test! Happy studying!

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