Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are any of Fire Cert Academy’s questions the exact questions I will see on my NICET exam?

A: No. NICET’s testing questions are confidential and constantly changing. We have simply pulled hundreds of questions from the codebooks, provided multiple choice answers in randomized exams that give you the feel of actually taking the exam.


Q: Am I guaranteed to pass my NICET exam studying with Fire Cert Academy?

A: No. Fire Cert Academy is a tool to help professionals gauge their level of knowledge. The tool is designed to help you get faster at finding answers in your codebooks. While our members’ pass rate is much higher than those who do not practice, we cannot guarantee success.


Q: Which NICET exams can I take practice tests for?

A: We currently support the following with practice tests:

  • Fire Alarm Systems Levels I – IV
  • Water-Based Systems Layout Levels I – IV
  • Special Hazards Systems Levels I – II
  • Inspection & Testing of Fire Alarm Systems Levels I – II
  • Inspection & Testing of Water-Based Systems Levels I – III
  • NFPA Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS) Exam

We have pools that will generate randomized tests from solely the codebooks allowable for your specific exam.


Q: How do I know which codebooks are allowed for each exam I am studying for?

A: Fire Cert Academy has provided the information (codebook references allowed, as well as time and number of questions) for each exam before you begin to make it easy as well as links to all applicable web links.


Q: Can I take practice tests on my phone while on the go?

A: Yes. Fire Cert Academy is optimized for mobile devices so you can take practice tests while on the go!


Q: Are the answers provided at the end of each exam?

A: Yes. All answers including code references are provided at the end of each exam so you can check your work. Many of the answers include a key that helps you to learn what keywords to look for in the codebook index to ultimately lead you to the answer.


Q: How do I contact Fire Cert Academy in case of a question or concern?

A: On any Fire Cert Academy home page, simply click on “Resources” > “Contact”. Fill out the form and we will respond to your request within 48 hours.


Q: How do I cancel a recurring payment?

A: Simply click on resources > “Contact” and fill out the form letting us know you’d like to cancel your subscription and we will get it canceled within 48 hours.


Q: How many professionals have used and are using Fire Cert Academy to study for their NICET exams?

A: Over a thousand and this number is growing every day!


Q: What if I need a receipt for my purchase?

A: We understand that many companies allow their employees to expense NICET study materials. In the event you need a formal receipt for your purchase or subscription, simply reach out to us using the contact form and we will provide one within a couple business days.


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