About Fire Cert Academy

Fire Cert Academy was started years ago by Brandon, a fellow specialist who went through the process of passing Nicet fire alarm system tests.

Brandon held a number of positions with leading fire life safety companies such as SimplexGrinnell  & Siemens Smart Infrastructure. Positions ranging from technician, to project manager, to sales in both fire alarm and electronics roles as well as water-based systems. As such, he is well aware of the difficulties presented in studying for the NICET fire alarm systems and water based systems exams, having studied for and taken multiple levels of each. When Brandon was studying for these exams, he found a lack of quality practice questions that would give him and idea of how well he had studied and how well he knew his codebooks. Being that each level of these exams can be expensive, he didn’t want to be underprepared for any of them, especially since many professionals fail 1 or more of the NICET tests on their first attempt.

The goal in the creation of Fire Cert Academy was to provide a resource for other professionals in their preparation for these exams by providing quality practice questions that allow them to get to know their codebooks better and practice looking up answers in the indexes. We all know there is far too much information to ever memorize or study in preparation for the exams. That’s why it is important to know your codebooks front to back, know which chapters are referenced most often, and be able to reference your index quickly and efficiently. Fire Cert Academy is not meant to be a tool that gives you the answers to these exams (since nobody knows the questions on the exams and they are constantly changed and randomized), but simply a resource to test your ability to reverse engineer test questions in order to find them quickly in the index of the respective codebook. We have hundreds of questions per NICET level that are randomized for each test or practice question set you take. Happy studying!

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